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Funding rounds for drone companies have gotten bigger and bigger as the industry matures.  A new report from CB Insights names the industry’s top 10 funding deals since 2012.

Some of the top recipient companies offer no surprise – DJI takes the #1 (and ties for number 9) spot at $105M; competitor Yuneec takes #2 for a round led by Silicon Valley giant Intel.   But those who stopped paying attention to CA-based 3DR when they stopped manufacturing recreational drones should look again – 3DR takes spots 3, 4 and 9 on the list for multiple large rounds, totaling $179M.

What most of the companies on the list have in common is a focus on the commercial market.  Other than DJI – currently the world leader in the consumer market, but rapidly expanding into the commercial space – all of them are currently focused on providing a commercial solution.

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